Suzy Subways

Movement historians will present recordings and reflections from the Student Liberation Action Movement at City University of New York; the Trans Oral History Project; and the Social Movements Oral History Tour. Together, we’ll brainstorm ways that you or your group could use oral history techniques to take organizing to a next level.

The SLAM! Herstory Project is a collaborative oral history project about the Student Liberation Action Movement. SLAM! was a multiracial radical group based in the City University of New York from 1996 to 2004 that fought tuition hikes and the elimination of open admissions, and organized youth to resist police brutality and the prison industrial complex. To hear audio clips from the interviews, visit Subways will speak about the power of reflecting on radical organizing in a collective way to share lessons of what worked and what didn’t, building on ideas that were tested out in practice by creating new, collaboratively sourced political theory rooted in our own stories.

The Transgender Oral History Project is a community based effort to collect and distribute the diverse stories of Transgender people. With a national network and local community cores in Philadelphia and Chicago the TOHP has collected over 50 stories in 12 states. The TOHP believes that trans folks telling the stories of our own communities is crucial to re-framing the stereotypes and misconceptions that exist about the trans community. The TOHP distributes stories though an online story bank, a zine distro, community workshops and most recently, a youth educators toolkit, I Live for Trans Education. Stories from our archives are available online at Helyx SoMove, or the Social Movements Oral History Tour, is network of activists, oral historians, artists, documentary-makers and independent journalists working together to document ways people creatively change their lives, neighborhoods and the world.

Last winter, we visited Philadelphia’s Giovanni’s Room—the nation’s longest, continuously running queer bookstore. We recorded the voices of the community who organized for social justice after the Stonewall riot, survived the HIV/ AIDS epidemic, and helped to create a queer culture that many of us take for granted today. Come listen to selected clips, discuss and enjoy snacks!

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